Learning for 1.05.20

Sorry it’s late!

Well done to those of you who are still with us! We’ll relax things a tad today (I know we’re all tired!)

So for maths today have a go at ONE of these sheets- 1, 2 or 3 star. Year-3-Summer-Block-1-Step-3-RPS-Equivalent-Fractions-3

Word Power

Have a go at this Wordsearch (just do it on the screen if you can’t print it out!)


Oh my goodness I am just loving seeing (and hearing) some of the characters and story lines you have come up with so far! Today I want you to take sometime to finish your story and do some editing and improving. Are there any words that you could up-level with some more exciting vocabulary? Could you add some details to parts of your story? Could you extend it?

I think we’re going to have to send some of these to Mr Walliams if they’re all going to be as high quality as the ones I’ve seen so far.

Other Activities to try throughout the day:

  • Get active! –
Real PE is a unique, child centred approach that is suitable for any year group through the Primary years.
Jasmine – your real learning platform, provides 1000s of hours of fun activities and challenges that will help you to keep your children and family fit and healthy in the coming months. To login and explore, please enter the following details:
Username: parent@meadowside-19.com
Password: meadowside
  • Reading! Have a go at another activity on the reading platform
  • Movie afternoon- Those of us still in school have got our jammies on and our teddies at the ready to snuggle up, hide from the rain and watch a movie called ‘The Main Event’. It comes highly recommended by Carmen..

So grab your blankets and your hot chocolate and join us virtually for feet up Friday!

Learning for 30.04.20


For today’s maths we’re going to continue to look at equivalent fractions. Follow this link and go to Summer term week 1. We are looking at Lesson 2 today. I want you to watch the video (you can skip the first minute) and then have a go at the worksheet.

Maths (rough guide)


Now for the best part!! I want you to start writing your World’s Worst Children story today. You don’t need to do it all in one go but I would like you to make a start.

Try and remember to include:

  • Paragraphs to help organise your writing
  • Speech marks when your characters are talking (refer back to last week’s work)
  • Capital letters for all names and at the beginning of sentences.
  • Lots of descriptive language

Other activities to try throughout the day:

Get active – (I’ll be posting this everyday for the forseeable…)

Real PE is a unique, child centred approach that is suitable for any year group through the Primary years.
Jasmine – your real learning platform, provides 1000s of hours of fun activities and challenges that will help you to keep your children and family fit and healthy in the coming months. To login and explore, please enter the following details:
Username: parent@meadowside-19.com
Password: meadowside

Reading! – Well done to those of you who have been accessing the ReadingPlus platform! Big shout out to Cecily who has completed lots of stories already! Well done Cecily 😀

Get creative- Create a self portrait using anything EXCEPT pencils/pens/crayons. Send them to me and I’ll post them on facebook and we can have a guess who competition!

Learning for 29/04/20

Morning Year 3! Well done to those of you who have got up and running with the new reading platform- I know it can be a bit tricky at first to get used to something new. For those of you that haven’t please don’t worry but just encourage as much reading for pleasure as you can! 🙂

Oh p.s. please can you email me a good picture/scan of any of the recipe cards you created last week- I’m going to try and put them altogether into a kind of book, thanks in advance!

Word Power









Your turn to try a few questions now! maths pdf


I’m really looking forward to seeing some of the characters you have come up with! Now that you’ve got your creative juices flowing, I want you to have a go at planning your story. Use this  Story planner sheet to help you.

Remember- this is just your plan, don’t go into too much detail here! You will expand on this when you write your story.

Other Activities to try throughout the day

  • Get active! – You may or may not have had an email about this already….. But it is a great resource with loads of ideas and gives you a progression of skills if you want to go down a PE curriculum route.
And I know this is yet another bit of tech and web based info that will need supervision at first but PLEASE, don’t feel pressure or obligated to do this. It is just an option if you want to try something different.
Real PE is a unique, child centred approach that is suitable for any year group through the Primary years.
Jasmine – your real learning platform, provides 1000s of hours of fun activities and challenges that will help you to keep your children and family fit and healthy in the coming months. To login and explore, please enter the following details:
Username: parent@meadowside-19.com
Password: meadowside
  • Reading! Have a go at another activity on the reading platform
  • Send a virtual hug to a loved one

Oh! And just in case you need one more hug, here’s a little one from me to you!


Learning for 28.04.20

Morning Year 3! Hope you’ve all managed to get logged on and have a go at some reading activities, I’m very excited to see how we get on with it.



Maths pdf

Equivalent fractions


Hope you all managed to listen to at least some of the stories from last week because they’re all gone now! So today we start planning. I want you to use the sheet below to plan your character for the 11th World’s Worst Child. Don’t forget to label your drawing with their name!

planning sheet

Other activities to try throughout the day

  • Continue your reading assessment if you haven’t finished it. If you have then give one of the activities a go and let me know how you find it.
  • I love this idea of a Gratitude Scavenger Hunt- I’d love to see what you come up with!
  • Get Active- Different activity alphabet today and this time I want you to spell the name of your favourite book or TV show!

Learning for 27.04.20

Good Morning! Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and I’m really looking forward to seeing some of your lovely faces this week when I’m dropping round books. (Have a look here and see if there are any you would like to borrow and let me know if you haven’t already)


Here is the YouTube link to follow along with the instructions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmWnMtLBJZM

Can you spot any equivalent fractions already?

See how 2 halves is equal to one whole? This means they are equivalent fractions.


I’m going to try and find an equivalent fraction for four eighths…



Here is the Maths pdf

Here are some coloured strips too if you don’t have coloured paper Coloured strips

Word Power 

Have a look at the powerpoint for this week’s spellings and try the activities within –Spellings Week 2

Then have a go at your LSCWC sheet – Spellings for home – ‘ary’


So we’re going to take a quick break from David Walliams for today to get you started on our new reading platform! How exciting! Here’s the message from Mr Butterworth along with a Reading Plus Letter to explain:

Reading Plus

***New KS2 Home Reading Platform***

I am very excited to say that our new home reading platform for KS2 is now up and running. Please read the attached letter which has all the information you need.

Reading Plus Letter

Please login with the following details:

Step 1 – Go to login.readingplus.com
Step 2 – Press the Student Login button
Step 3 – Enter Site Code: rpmeado12
Step 4 – Type Username: First name with a capital and then the first letter of surname with a capital e.g. Joe Bloggs would be JoeB)
Step 5 – Type Password: qwerty (this can be changed once logged in)

What I’d like you to do today is get this up and running (maybe with help from a grown up the night before?) and make a start on the initial assessment task. This is just to get an idea of what kind of stories they should give you and what sort of speed and vocabulary level you are working at.

It is quite long so please do take breaks if you need to, you can even spread it across a few days. When you log back in it should just pick up where you left off.

I’ll be able to see when you’re accessing and what levels you are on so if you need any help please get in touch and I’ll do my best.

Other activities to try throughout the day

Get active- Spell your full name using this Exercise Alphabet!
Alphabet Exercise

Take some inspiration from William and create a collage of a book that you’ve really enjoyed

Can you guess which of our class reads William was re-creating?

Learning for 24.04.20

Word Power

Draw a big scribble on a blank page and write one of your spelling words as many times as you can in each space. For example:


Hope you all got on okay with yesterday’s questions, I know it can be a bit tricky but just try your best and contact me if you need any help.

Today’s questions are another opportunity to practice yesterday’s work but I’ve just added a quick reminder of how to share equally with money.






Have a go yourself at these questions, the last one is an extra challenge!

maths pdf


I’m sure a few of you can relate to today’s character- Fussy Frankie!

I want you to listen to the whole story today. Your task is to create a healthy recipe card to show Fussy Frankie how he can enjoy healthy eating.  

Your LO (learning objective) is to use headings and subheadings to help organise your writing
(so do try and remember to include them!)

Ideas to include:

  • Recipe title
  • Introduction
  • Ingredients required
  • Equipment required
  • Instructions for making the recipe
  • Make the instructions clear – use numbered points and imperative (bossy) verbs
  • What makes the recipe healthy
  • What will it look like while making it and when it’s finished (include pictures to help!)


Other activities to try throughout the day

Keep up to  date with child friendly news at  https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround

Have a go at this Geography activity about maps on BBC Bitesize- they do a lesson every day so keep checking to see if there’s anything of interest to you! https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zhtyvk7

Play a good old game of Stop The Bus! – everyone picks a category and writes all the ideas into a table. Then somebody picks a letter and everyone has to race to find something in every category beginning with that letter. When someone shouts STOP THE BUS! everyone has to put their pencils down- you get a point for every answer you have but only if nobody else has the same answer, so the trick is to be creative!

Here’s some category ideas

Learning for 23.04.20

Good Morning again! Almost at the weekend now, hang in there!

Word Power

Can you crack the code and figure out which of your spelling words are hidden?


I do hope we’re all switched on and awake today because we’re going to look at some word problems and how to tackle them!

Let’s just start with those kind of questions for today, then maybe tomorrow we can have a look at some that might need a few more steps. So have a go yourself and remember- think about what you know and then what you can figure out from there.



This is one of my favourites so far…

Today I want you to listen to the first 4 minutes of Stacey Superstar!

Your task for today is a bit of role play/drama. I want you to create and record and audition tape as Stacey (or Stephen if you’re more comfortable) Superstar for the Eco Factor! Do your best impression of a diva and try to include some reactions of the people, and animals, when they hear her sing. Are they positive or negative?

Other activities to try throughout the day

Our activity today comes from Miss Adams who found this lovely idea on the Good Housekeeping website!

Some other activities in that link are really good too like these ..

Learning for 22.04.20

Morning! Hope we’re all settling back into routine OK. Miss Adams and I will be ringing around to check up and see how you’re all doing and if you need anything but if you do have any issues please don’t hesitate to get in touch 🙂

Word Power

Can you work out which letter shapes fit in the blocks to spell one of your words?


Can you now make the spelling blocks for your other five words?



So yesterday we started looking at fractions of a group of objects or a number and saw that to find a fraction, we had to divide our number (or group of objects) by the denominator. We looked at the example of one quarter of 12 by dividing it into four equal groups.

So one quarter, is one group, which has 3 objects in it.

What do you think then TWO quarters would be?


Answer: Two quarters would be two groups of 3, which would have six objects altogether. So two quarters of 12 is six.

Can you see the link with multiplication? Two groups of 3 we would write as 2 x 3

So for NON unit fractions

  • Step 1: Divide by the denominator

  • Step 2: Multiply by the numerator

Have a go and see if you can find the matching answers:

maths pdf


Eventually we’re going to have a go at creating our own chapter of World’s Worst Children. So to start with we’re looking at different characters and how they are described and introduced.

Today’s character is Bonnie Bossy-pants. As she is doing a lot of talking and bossing around, we’re going to use this one to remind ourselves of how to use speech marks, and words that we can use other than ‘said’.

So your task is to listen to the first 5 or so minutes of Bonnie Bossy-pants and listen out for some of the things she says. I want you to draw  pictures of Bonnie telling people off and then write a caption underneath to show what she has said.


  • Only the words that she actually says go inside the speech marks
  • Punctuation has to go inside the speech marks

Here’s an example…

Can you think of thinks people might say in our class when they’re being a bit bossy?

Other activities to try throughout the day

Get moving! – when we started looking at gymnastics before we finished, we had a go at some of these balance puzzles… find a safe space and have a go at working out what position you need to be in, which body parts should be touching the ground. Try and hold each pose for ten seconds with as little wobbling as possible!

Balance Puzzle Examples (1) Maybe you could even create some of your own for mums and dads to try and figure out?

Dav Pilkey has made this super helpful guide on how to draw our favourite hero- Captain Underpants! Why not have a go for yourself?

How to draw Captain Underpants

Singalong- have a karaoke afternoon and sing along to all your favourite feel good songs. There are looooaaads of these available on YouTube.

Learning for 21.04.20

Good morning little ducklings, hope you’re all feeling well today and have managed to get some sunshine. I feel like now is a good time to remind you how important sun cream still is if you’re lucky enough to spend lots of time outside!

Early bird for today then…




Today we’re going to start looking at how to find fractions of a group of objects.

Here is the pdf with all the maths if you want to print it out Tuesday Maths

Word Power

I want you to really focus on the each individual letter in these words today. So first thing I want you to do is go through your LSCWC sheet and underline or highlight the tricky bits of each word for example in February, that sneaky little ‘r’ catches a lot of us out! Then I’d like you to pyramid write each of your words- start with the first letter and then add a letter with each level you move down in the pyramid



Since we all enjoyed World’s Worst Teachers so much, plus the fact that I know we can all access at least some of the stories… our English for the next few weeks is going to be based on World’s Worst Children by David Walliams!

I want you start by listening to (or reading if you have it at home) the first 5 minutes of the Chapter about Competitive Colin, up to the interview on the radio.

So, thinking about all the ways Competitive Colin has managed to cheat his way to victory, I want you to play as many games as you can around your house and figure out new ways to cheat and make a list.

For example:

  • If Colin were playing Uno, he would pick out all the ‘draw’ cards before the game started and hide them up his sleeve for when he needed them. Then, when nobody was looking, he would hide cards he didn’t want under his bum so we would always be the first to finish!
  • Once, when playing Mario Kart on the Wii, Colin put a piece of tape over the sensor on his brother’s remote so that it wouldn’t detect his movements and Colin could win the race!

I look forward to seeing how cunning you can all be…


Other activities to try throughout the day 

Staying active- Come up with as many different ways to move like different animals around your garden or living room – how many animals can you think of to start with?

If you’re in need of something to chill you out and help you escape for a while, I highly recommend the Monteray Aquarium YouTube channel   – they have live cams in a few different tanks so you can watch the jellyfish and see if you can spot the sharks!

Why not then have a go at this super cute Jellyfish in a Bottle science activity!

Learning for 20.04.20

Welcome back Year 3! (sort of)

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Easter and got to go out and enjoy some sunshine 😀 I know some of you unfortunately weren’t feeling so great over the break so I hope you’re all recovered and feeling back on form, ready to go!

Let’s jump right in shall we…

So we’re moving on with our fractions today but two weeks is a loooooong time in our maths brains so here’s a quick recap of some key facts to help you:

*If the numerator is 1, then it is called a UNIT fraction

*If the numerator and denominator are EQUAL then it is worth ONE WHOLE.

So today we’re going to start looking at putting fractions on a number line. Take a look at the number line below:

How many equal sections are there?

So what fraction is it going up in? Can you label it?


It goes from 0 to 1 and is divided into four equal sections. Remember we said that the denominator (or bottom number) of a fraction shows how many equal parts there are? So this number line must be going up in quarters.

What about this one, can you try it yourself?

We can also continue our number lines above one whole, as the number between one and two can also be divided into fractions. So have one whole, plus an extra little bit:


Watch the following video from White Rose to help explain this.

https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-3/          – click on Week 2, Lesson 1- Fractions on a number line

Then have a go at the the worksheet, remember the questions get harder so don’t panic if you find them tricky. Just try your best!
Fractions on a numberline worksheet

Word Power

This week we are focusing on words ending in ‘ary’.

Take a look at this powerpoint to help you get familiar with this weeks words and do the activities within.

(Collins Cobuild is an online dictionary that provides definitions in relatively child-friendly language. https://www.collinsdictionary.com/ )

Year 3 Term 3A Week 1 Presentation

Here is your Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check sheet to go with it 🙂

Spellings for home – ‘ary’


Use the picture above to complete a Free Write (can be a story, a diary entry, a newspaper article etc.)
You may want to consider the following questions to help you

  • What is the teacher’s name?
  • Is he surprised by what he sees?
  • What magic is he performing?
  • How do the children feel about the lesson?
  • What is the owl looking at? What is it thinking?
  • What might happen next?
  • Would you like to go to wizard school? Why?

Other activities to complete throughout the day

“Make screen time, active time” with the GoNoodle app!

The Positivity Place is a great source of positive news stories for children.

Keep practising your typing skills with BBC Dancemat

If you haven’t already (and I haven’t seen any pictorial evidence yet…) have an explore of the National Gallery  (or pick your own favourite artist) and try to recreate some of the artworks in your own home!
Some new inspiration for you..