Work for Thursday 1st July

Morning  Year 4,

As a precaution we are all having to isolate, do not worry, this is just us being careful and doing the right thing. Please chat to your parents with all the questions and queries you will have – don’t keep them inside! When we keep things inside we worry – share worries and they go away. If you want to ask me anything you can.

Below is the timetable for Thursday and Friday. All live lessons will be at 11am. Today’s Live Lesson will be PSCHE discussing working from home. I will always be  available after the Live Lesson to detail with any problems or queries from the morning’s work.  As before, the camera icon indicates the work that I need emailed to me at


Early Bird & Mini Early Bird

Please complete either the Early Bird or the Mini Early Bird as you would normally and send in your work to me.

Mini Early Bird


Use this time to practice using your 4 operations. Choose ten of the question below and complete them check your answers on a calculator. Any problem speak to me at 12am.


Please use our bubble writing technique to practice your spellings. Choose the words you need to learn.


English task:

Write a book review – Choose the last book you reader and write a book review – below is a guide.


Please go onto your Reading Plus account and complete 30 minutes

Big Idea

Please design a front cover for the book you have reviewed in English. Try not to copy the original cover – design a brand new one!



Take care,

Mr Leverett